OSINT Training Package

The Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) training package was developed to support law enforcement agencies more effectively combat online wildlife crime. USAID Wildlife Asia and the Wildlife Justice Commission created the materials in response to the growth in the online trade of illegal wildlife and wildlife products. The training package is available in English, Khmer, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese and is comprised of a pocket guide, PowerPoint presentations, handout exercises, and tests.

The OSINT training package focuses on strengthening the open-source research capacity of cybercrime units to more effectively combat organized crime. It aims to build the skills necessary to detect the presence of online sales of illegal wildlife, understand trends and challenges concerning organized crime and illegal wildlife trade, and build stronger cases against targets. The materials cover topics such as standard OSINT research methods, formulation of information questions, query building, and using available platforms to optimize open-source research.

We hope you find these materials useful, and that along with other tools available on this site, they support your efforts to more effectively counter wildlife trafficking. Please feel free to tailor and use them in any way that best supports your needs.