Report: Coordination Meeting on Demand Reduction for Wildlife

During the Thailand Formative Research presentation on June 5, 2018, USAID Wildlife Asia conducted a session so that participants, in three small groups, could discuss how they could apply the research findings to their work on Demand Reduction, Law Enforcement and Policy on countering wildlife trafficking (CWT). Results of the group discussions were presented after the session. Accordingly, the follow-up meeting was organized on August 21, 2018 at the USAID Asia Regional Training Center.


Objectives of the meeting:

  1. To present USAID Wildlife Asia’s planned demand reduction campaigns for Year 3 and the overall messaging approach
  2. To discuss results of Expert Roundtable on Messengers and Messaging organized by TRAFFIC from August 15 to 16 in Bangkok, and what this means for demand reduction campaigns
  3. To share information on other organizations’ plans for demand reduction activities in Thailand
  4. To discuss how demand reduction activities in Thailand can be coordinated and how organizations implementing law enforcement and policy actions can coordinate with demand reduction (follow-up on results of June 5 Research Dissemination Workshop)

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