Counter Wildlife Trafficking Partnership Forum Proceedings

The Regional Counter Wildlife Trafficking Partnership Forum was a virtual event co-hosted by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Thailand, and USAID Wildlife Asia in collaboration with the WWF, the ASEAN Secretariat, Asian Development Bank, World Bank Global Wildlife Program, Global Environment Facility, and United Nations Development Programme. The forum took place from September 21-23, 2021 and brought together key Counter Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) partners and stakeholders in Asia and beyond to strengthen collaboration, planning and cooperation towards protecting biodiversity and ending the trade in illegal wildlife as we enter a post-pandemic landscape.​


  • Showcase the growth and potential of the CWT movement and advance sustainability of partnerships, achievements, and legacy impacts and initiatives.
  • Support and advance partner country and ASEAN CWT leadership including coordinated partner support for the implementation of regional priorities and the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action.
  • Provide a forum for partners to present ongoing and forthcoming CWT programs/funding, discuss Counter Wildlife Trafficking issues, and advance coordinated action.
  • Facilitate discussion among development partners to identify new areas of investments in policy, behavior change, law enforcement, and the emerging responses to Illegal Wildlife Trafficking through a One Health approach.
  • Announce the initiation of a consultation process to develop a Counter Wildlife Trafficking Development Partners Coordination Platform for Asia.

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