Scaling Efforts to Counter-Wildlife Trafficking Through Legislative Reforms - A Selection of Best Practices, Key Innovations and Model Provisions

This monograph provides a short description and highlights key provisions of a selection of legislative and policy innovations and best practices available in the ASEAN region and other jurisdictions. It also provides examples of model provisions that could enhance counter wildlife trafficking efforts.

The aim of this monograph is to address systemic impact solutions and provide various examples of implementation and model provisions from different countries. These examples encourage ASEAN member states (AMS) to employ legislation and policy as tools to combat wildlife trafficking, drawing on the research done for specific best practices and model provisions identified by a focus country for adoption or adaptation in its wildlife legislation.

Through providing model laws and key innovations that are effective in deterring wildlife trafficking, we hope that ASEAN states will incorporate these laws and create a strong regional legislative framework to combat wildlife trafficking.

The laws aim to ensure effective handling of wildlife crimes through compensation and procedural instructions, enable a proactive approach to preventing wildlife trafficking by rewarding informants, and suggest key innovations that states can employ to either improve existing legislation or add new laws.


application/pdf 20190816_UWA.List of Best Practices and model provisions.pdf — 1151 KB