USAID’s Wildlife-Free Pangolin Gifting Campaign in China expands reach to affluent communities and influencers

USAID Wildlife Asia expanded the reach of its China Wildlife Free Pangolin Gifting Campaign launched in June to target high earning consumers who use wild meat as food for gifting occasions.

Public service announcements displayed in upscale residential communities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen and on six major metro lines in Shenzhen during July and August are expected to reach 31 million people.  National Humanity History, a magazine sponsored by the largest newspaper in China, People’s Daily, and read by approximately 360,000 senior government officials and leaders of private enterprises, placed a full-page ad for free in its July issue.  So what? Reaching affluent consumers and leading influencers who comprise a major consumer segment for wildlife products will significantly reduce demand for and social acceptability of using wildlife products such as pangolin meat.