USAID shares demand reduction learning in Counter Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) global webinar panel

Knowledge sharing across key components of CWT needs to be strengthened. On October 6, 2022, USAID Reducing Demand for Wildlife (RDW) was part of the webinar panel that reflected on the progress made and future trends on CWT policy, law enforcement, demand reduction, and One Health.  Panelists included representatives from the United Nations Environment Program Bangkok, TRAFFIC Kenya, and Wildlife Conservation Society Guatemala.  USAID RDW shared insights on key ingredients that led to successful and highly effective social and behavior change communication (SBCC) demand reduction campaigns under USAID Wildlife Asia, and promising trends in digital technologies for demand reduction. Hosted by RTI International and opened by USAID, the webinar was attended by more than 50 global participants. Knowledge sharing on learnings and future trends is crucial to develop more effective and coordinated programs to successfully counter transnational wildlife crime and save endangered wildlife.