USAID launches a campaign to challenge spiritual beliefs about wildlife products

Spiritual beliefs drive wildlife consumption in Thailand, which feeds demand for illegal products from across the region.

On December 30, 2022, USAID Reducing Demand for Wildlife launched a social media campaign by well-known Thai influencers to reduce demand for ivory and tiger products by challenging beliefs that they bring good luck and protect from harm. The No Ivory No Tiger Amulets campaign showcases videos of two spiritual leaders–Venerable Napan Santibhaddo Thawornbanjob, the Assistant Abbot at the Golden Mount Temple in Bangkok, and Buddhist nun and conservationist Venerable Jutipa Tapasuthi of Kanchanaburi–discussing why use of wildlife products runs counter to Buddhist principles. The videos obtained more than 1.4 million views over the three-week campaign. Engaging spiritual leaders who challenge beliefs about intrinsic value of wildlife products reduces demand, decreases consumption, and protects endangered wildlife throughout Southeast Asia.