USAID Launches “Only Elephants Wear Ivory Best” Campaign in Thailand

Demand for ivory jewelry and accessories in Thailand is driven by the perception that ivory is beautiful and brings happiness. On September 19, USAID Reducing Demand for Wildlife launched Phase 2 of the Beautiful Without Ivory Campaign called “Only Elephants Wear Ivory Best”, continuing the campaign from the former USAID Wildlife Asia activity which aimed to stop ivory consumption in Thailand.

The launch was livestreamed on the Facebook pages of WildAid and  Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) and featured two popular social media influencers, Cindy Sirinya Bishop, Thai actress and supermodel, and Master Tossaporn Sritula (Master Chang), Thai Astrology and Feng Shui Expert as well as representatives from USAID and DNP. Within 24 hours, the launch obtained 5,600 views, was reported by 18 online news websites, and earned nearly $60,000 in free media value. The campaign is being disseminated on Facebook until mid-December and on 163 screens in 22 airports across Thailand from October to November. Continuing campaigns to reduce demand for ivory and other wildlife products are important to reach and engage a larger number of current and potential consumers, dissuade them from making future purchases, significantly weaken demand, and save endangered elephants and wildlife.