USAID intensifies Wildlife Protection Law campaign to reduce the consumption of illegal wildlife in China

USAID’s ongoing Wildlife Protection Law (WPL) campaign focuses on the penalties and personal risks of buying and consuming illegal wildlife products as a result of China's WPL, enacted in early 2018.

Beginning April 25, 2020, USAID Wildlife Asia intensified the Wildlife Protection Law campaign messaging, adapting it to take into account the COVID-19 pandemic, through placements in the domestic terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the second busiest airport in China. The dissemination of new WPL messaging will last through July 25 and, even with restrictions on travel related to COVID-19, it is estimated the messaging will reach 16 million people.

So what? Raising awareness on the penalties for buying and consuming illegal wildlife products can change the long-term behavior patterns among Chinese travelers so they are less likely to consume wildlife.