USAID Expands the "Beautiful Without Ivory" Campaign in Thailand

USAID and Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) launched a third round of the Beautiful Without Ivory Campaign, which is designed to decrease purchases of ivory jewelry and accessories.

A recent survey of ivory consumers by USAID shows that the first two phases of the campaign in 2020 were remarkably successful in changing attitudes in target groups in just a short time, significantly shrinking the opinion that ivory is beautiful and increasing the concern that ivory is old-fashioned.  Before the campaign, only 3 percent of those surveyed agreed that ivory is not socially acceptable.  After the campaign, that number reached 37 percent. The 2021 phase of the campaign will build on the first two phases expanding exposure and messaging frequency to the target audience – mostly affluent, educated urban women. Facebook video placements will run for seven weeks and are expected to reach one million views with repeat messaging.  Billboards of the five campaign fashion influencers will be displayed in ten high-traffic Bangkok mass transit stations in March, and will be viewed an estimated 16 million times by Bangkok’s commuters.  An ad also is featured in the March 2021 issue of the popular (circulation: 250,000) fashion magazine, Praew. So what? Maximizing the reach and exposure of tailored messages to target audiences is key to changing attitudes and behavior that will reduce demand for wildlife products such as elephant ivory.