U.S. Embassy Charge D'Affaires and USAID Mission Director meet with Thailand’s President of the Supreme Court

On March 19, 2021, U.S. Embassy Charge' D Affaires, Mr. Michael Heath; USAID representatives led by Mission Director, Steven G. Olive; and USAID Wildlife Asia team members met with the Honorable Chief Justice Metinee Chalodhorn, President of the Supreme Court of Thailand, the Secretary General, and additional members of the Supreme Court, including the President of the Environmental Case Division of the Supreme Court.

The U.S. delegation met the incoming President to reconfirm the U.S. Government’s commitment to the Royal Thai Government and convey its support for Thailand’s regional leadership including its environmental and counter wildlife trafficking efforts. The President relayed that the Supreme Court is drafting a special environmental procedural law and welcomed the participation of experts with environmental law background for review.  The President also acknowledged the importance of knowledge exchange with judges from differing jurisdictions given the transnational nature of environmental crime. High level government-to-government meetings are critical to boosting Thailand’s role as a regional leader and generating attention and momentum towards the shared goals of countering wildlife trafficking.