Key Influencer expands reach of “A Good Life is Free of Killing” campaign in Thailand

Consumer beliefs in the power of ivory and tiger products to bring good luck and prevent harm are powerful drivers for consuming these products in Thailand, based on USAID Wildlife Asia’s 2018 Thailand Wildlife Consumer Research findings.

On May 29, Thailand’s leading Thai language newspaper Khaosod published an op-ed written by the popular actor Mr. Bhin Banloerit, where he writes that amulets do not protect from harm and only hurt endangered animals.  Bhin Banloerit is one of three influencers of the “A Good Life is Free of Killing” campaign, implemented by USAID Wildlife Asia in partnership with WildAid.  The op-ed was also posted on Khaosod’s website which has nearly 142 million page views per month. So what? Testimonials from highly popular and credible influencers who cast doubt on spiritual beliefs based on their personal experiences and messages motivate target audiences to change attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.  This includes reducing the demand for and consumption of wildlife products such as elephant ivory and tiger bone and thereby protecting endangered species. Link to the article: