Through the Asia – Africa Journalist Exchange Program (JEP), USAID Wildlife Asia and USAID PROTECT in Tanzania are looking for eligible five (5) Thai journalists from different media outlets (online, print, radio, TV, etc.) to participate in an exchange program with journalists from Tanzania. The exchange program aims to increase journalists’ understanding of the successes and challenges of ongoing anti-poaching and anti-trafficking efforts in Thailand and Tanzania.


JEP participants will form a cohort with five (5) selected journalists from Tanzania. Together, the cohort will participate in two trips: one trip to visit Tanzania in June 2019, and to visit Thailand in August 2019. Journalists from each country will serve as hosts for the JEP visit to their home country. A series of in-country workshops will be organized pre-departure to enhance in-depth understanding of the wildlife crime issues and investigative report. In Thailand, USAID Wildlife Asia partners with the Thai Society for Environmental Journalists and Thai Public Broadcasting Service. In Tanzania, USAID PROTECT partners with the Tanzanian Environmental Journalists Association.



USAID Wildlife Asia and USAID PROTECT have been working closely with journalists under each project to improve the understanding of the importance of wildlife in their countries and regions. USAID Wildlife Asia is working with journalists to improve their understanding of wildlife trafficking from source to destination countries who have a black-market demand for Africa wildlife and its products. USAID PROTECT has provided training to a select number of journalists who are interested in covering conservation and protection efforts in Tanzania for both flora and fauna, which covers many of the animals that are poached and exported illegally to Asia.

Through the exchange, the selected journalists will have an opportunity to share experiences in each other’s homelands, as well as understand and report on the successes and continued efforts being put forth in Tanzania and Thailand for increasing awareness in conservation efforts and combatting wildlife crime or trafficking.



The Asia – Africa Journalist Exchange Program (JEP) has the following objectives:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of CWC/CWT reporting in both Thailand and Tanzania.
  • Build journalists’ capacity to investigate and report on issues related to counter wildlife trafficking.
  • Increase awareness of CWC/CWT reporting with media houses.
  • Create linkages between Tanzanian and Thai journalists to form a cohort and support each other’s reporting.



  • Demonstrated interest and experience in and passion for wildlife issues and conservation reporting.
  • Minimum of five years’ professional experience as a journalist from one or more media types: online, print, radio, TV, etc.
  • Good command of English language, both writing and speaking.
  • Preferred: previous field experience including identifying sources, conducting interviews, building a story plan, etc.
  • Ability to participate in the Exchange for 24 days from March to September 2019:
      • 4 days participation at workshops before and after the trip to Tanzania.
      • 10-day trip to Tanzania on June 8-17, 2019
      • 10-day hosting trip with journalists from Tanzania to Thailand


  1. Application letter: A 500-word article that explains your background, your interest in the opportunity, and what story you would be interested in pursuing as part of the exchange.
  2. Letter from the editor documenting media house commitment to journalist participation in the exchange, including pursuit and publication of story on conservation and accompanying meetings, trainings, and trips.
  3. Previous examples of published report(s) on conservation issues in various formats (online, print, radio, TV, etc.).


Successful applicants will receive a full bursary that will cover air travel expenses (round-trip, economy class), accommodation, local transportation, meals and visa application fee. The cost of valid passport arrangement will be the responsibility of the applicant.



Please fill in an online application form at
The deadline for this application is March 15, 2019. Women are encouraged to apply.


If you have questions about the application, please submit them by February 22, 2019, to:

Dararat Weerapong
Communications, Outreach and Learning Specialist
USAID Wildlife Asia
Mobile: 0895178543, Office: 02-0155941-43 ext. 120
Email: Dararat.weerapong[at]


Thitipan Pattanamongkol
Thai Society of Environmental Journalists
Mobile: 085 9200277 Office: 02-2438739