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ROUTES Roundtable to Develop Role Specific Competency Criteria for Staff in the Aviation Industry to Help Combat Wildlife Trafficking

Aug 02, 2017 to Aug 03, 2017 Bangkok - location to be confirmed,
The illegal wildlife trade is worth billions of dollars annually and is driving many species toward extinction. The organized criminal syndicates behind these crimes frequently use airlines and airports to smuggle wildlife which poses risks to airlines, airports and passengers. The USAID Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species Trafficking (ROUTES) Partnership has been working with the aviation industry for the last two years to raise awareness among industry staff and build capacity for the entire sector to help stop wildlife trafficking. The ROUTES Partnership is organizing a roundtable to develop role specific competency criteria that can be part of the training provided to staff working in airports and at airlines to help stop wildlife trafficking. The participants of the roundtable will include representatives from airlines and airports in Africa, Asia and Europe, Airline and airport industry bodies, Customs, Cargo, Non-Governmental Organizations focusing on wildlife conservation, Security firms and the U.S. Government.